This name is owned by Lively Ltd

We own around 700 domain names, some of which are registered for future development. We are members and a registrar of Nominet with the following Tags: GOOSEBERRY and LIVELY..

If you have a good Internet-based business idea, but require funding, partnership deal or technical support to get you started, please contact us here as we may be interested in your idea or offer. Phone 01943 600096, 0785 2211 022 or Skype - michaeltoth1 for a chat.

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    Buying a Domain Name…

    Most of our domain names have been reserved for future development however, we do sometimes sell if our plans have changed, so if you would like to make an offer to buy a domain name we own, then please read below:

    If you are seriously interested in buying one of our domain names, then the process is simple:

    • Contact us by email to make an offer (
    • Your offer MUST include full details of who you are, the name you are interested in, along with your offer.
    • If it is for a company you must say who you represent<./li>
    • If you fail to supply the requested information or misrepresent your details will may not reply to your request.
    • If your offer is accepted, we will invoice you directly.
    • Once payment is recieved, we will send you the transfer email from Nominet.
    • Once you have completed the legal transfer with Nominet, the domain name is yours.

    Transfer Process

    Nominet are the organisation who look after all domain names ending in .uk. As part of the transfer process you will be sent an email with a link in it you need to click this link and follow the instructions to change the legal registrant information and registrar tag. This process will cost you 10 + VAT and is very easy. If you get stuck, we can guide you through the process. More information is available here.